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603016 Russia, N.Novgorod, Futchika str, 21-30;

Contact person: Vladimir Shlyonkin,

Phone: 007 (8312) 55 40 95, Fax: 007 (8312) 36 20 49

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]


Robinson Active Travel boasts of 27-year history. The club was organized in 1979 in the Sports office of the LUNN. The chief of the club "Robinson" is Vladimir Shlyonkin.

Since 1979 unique experience has been accumulated in arranging sporting hikes for students in various regions of Russia and other CIS countries.

The routes of the Club’s hiking trips range from the Ural mountains, lake Baikal and local rivers to Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan and the Black Sea.

We are experienced in organizing and carrying out journeys of various difficulty levels. We have qualified hiking and camping personnel, modern equipment and facilities.

Since 1996 the Club has been organizing journeys for all active travel enthusiasts, irrespective of their hiking experience or background, age or residence.

  • About Robinson Active Travel
    In 1979 in the Sports office of the Linguistic Uiversity of Nizhny Novgorod appeared a tourist section; since 1996 it has been functioning as a tourist club . The chief of the club "Robinson Active Travel" is Vladimir Shlyonkin.
  • Tours - 2006
    Planned by "Robinson Active Travel" for 2006

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